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Get your hands on the wheel

Health and fitness is a crazy game.  We know that it is good for us but yet often we find ourselves on the side of the road watching things go by.  Listen its pretty simple, if you don't have the drivers wheel in your hand you are at the mercy of someone else; and there is no neutral.  Picture yourself driving a bus with a bus-langley-gymclear destination in mind.  Off you go.  Along the way you get tired, need to use the washroom, need to eat, take a small detour or and give the wheel over completely.  It happens.  A lot.  I see it everyday at my gym.  I've given the wheel over a few times myself.  Someone else was driving that bus and unlike a real bus driver they don't care where you end up, they have their own interests in mind. Most times when the bus comes to a stop the person is unhappy and frustrated because the stop they got off at is not the one they set out towards when they were driving.  The fact is if someone else is in control of the wheel your food decisions, whether or not you get to the gym, or go for a walk, run, or hike, or even your sleep patterns, someone else is.  I have seen this play out time and time again.    Since they gave up control of their food prep and cooking (fast food), exercise (watching tv, internet ect).   Remember at the beginning I mentioned that the bus has no neutral...?  Well the same can be said about your health. Your choice is A or B.  Its either helping or its hurting.  The choice to eat breakfast: helping.  Next choice, to eat a fast food option: hurting. The choice toplan a or b exercise  helping.  This goes on all day everyday.  Dont get me wrong this can be difficult and is why the result is often one of frustration and inaction.  As the owner of a fitness training business I have a few strategies that can definitly help.  Firstly though, if you are not holding the steering wheel and choosing what road you are driving on, you will end up at someone else's destination.  As we all know choice A or B is already plenty difficult as it is, dont let someone else drive the bus. Lets not complicate things.  The internet has made a muddled mess of the fitness world with all the extra information has done for us is let us fall into paralyzation by analyzation.  This inability to act as a result of too much info.  As a gym owner in the Walnut Grove area of Langley there are a few caveats to this metaphor that we have come accross that I will discuss in my next post in bringing along the right team (or navigator if you will).  So stay tuned for the place where delegation (asking for directions) is appropriate.  In the mean time start to take some control back (go for a walk, shop at a farmers market for some fresh local produce), in other words get your hands on the wheel!

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