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It's called a plank, not 'walk the plank'.

There has been a slightly alarming trend in the fitness industry that I want to address head on.  It is the idea that a workout needs to be 'tortuous' to be effective.  In fact I feel that this word and its synonyms should be removed to describe fitness altogether.  Listen first off let me qualify this by saying that long term health and fitness requires hard work, dedication and sweat.  The 'easy button' is a fallacy and is not promoted at my facility.  That being said there is no place for words to describe fitness in a manner that is ridiculously arduous, involves hours upon hours of repetitive 'insanity' or anything of the sort.  Where this idea that health and fitness somehow has to go to the next level is troublesome and extremely dissuading for members of our population that need to become more active.  

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