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Why Most Women Fail at Weight Training and What to Do About It

​by Andrew Heming

Weight training is a fantastic way to transform your health, your performance and your appearance. However, most women won't get any of these benefits. Will you be one of them or will you enjoy all that weight training has to offer?

The Typical Story

Like most women, Jane's first experience with working out was doing cardio. She tried this for a while and lost a little weight. However, she failed to make any real progress. She didn't reach her goal weight and lacked the tone and firmness in her muscle she expected from someone who exercised regularly. In time, Jane learned about weight training.
At first, Jane was uncertain about weight training. She had seen those pictures of big, ripped female bodybuilders and this was not the look she was going for. She wanted some muscle tone, but she didn't find the bodybuilder to be attractive.

After doing some research in women's magazines and online, she learned that heavy weights are to bulk and that light weights and high reps are to tone and define. She also got lots of ideas on exercises to target her problem spots: back of the arm, hips, inner thighs and lower abs. Excited she hit the gym, grabbed the pink dumbbells and started cranking out reps.

A few months went by and Jane noticed something. While she always felt like she had a good workout and could feel her muscles working, nothing had changed when she looked in the mirror. Instead of seeing more tone and sexy curves, she looked the same as she always did. Now, Jane is at a loss. Cardio had failed. Weight training had failed. Now, she is off looking for other forms of exercise hoping one of them will be the magic secret to sculpting the body she wants.

How to Really Get the Results You Want

Accept The Fact That Fat Loss Is About Nutrition

As a trainer I hate to say this, but fat loss is about nutrition. Nothing but appropriate, permanent changes to your nutrition will deliver the results you want. Once you accept this, a great training program can help speed up the process and help ensure that any weight loss is fat and not muscle.

Focus On Your Whole Body

Forget trying to spot reduce your problem spots. This moves you towards easy, inferior exercises. By focusing instead of big, hard full body movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts, pushing and pulling you will burn way more calories so you actually lose the fat you want.

Lift Progressively Heavier Weights

Light weights are a waste of time. They are great for beginners learning to lift weights properly. However, if you don't progressively add weight, you will give your body no reason to change. By working hard and progressively adding weight, you will build hard, sexy muscle.

Weight training works the opposite of cardio. With cardio, when you do cardio, you get better at it. This makes it progressively easier and the result is you burn less calories. However, with weight training it is the opposite. The stronger you get, the more weight you lift in a workout and the more calories you burn. Weight training will also allow you to rev up your metabolism and burn more calories 24/7!

Do the Right Type of Cardio

All this is not to say that cardio is bad. Rather, that you need more than just cardio to reach your goals. Also, you want the right type of cardio. While slow, steady cardio has some health and recovery benefits, it is the high intensity interval training that you want to work into. This type cardio is harder, but much more time effective. It allows for shorter workouts. It also causes your body to burn extra fat and calories long after the workout is finished.

A Better Plan

At Coastal Fitness, we know what it takes to get the results you want. We refuse to promise you the quick, easy fixes that the diet industry is famous for. We have a world-class nutrition coaching program to help you make and sustain the nutrition changes to help you feel and look your best. We have scientifically-based, and real-world proven classes and personalized training programs to help you get the results you want. For more information about our Nutritional Coaching Program, please click here to learn more.

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