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Why do I need a post workout shake?

“Why do I need a post workout shake?”

At Coastal Fitness here in Walnut Grove we use an analogy of a car a lot to describe key functions of the body.    As a personal trainer in Langley and the Lower Mainland for many years and now add gym owner, I am entrusted with my members fitness and often we also talk nutrition.  One of the hot topics that often gets brought up is post workout nutrition.  So I wanted to write a post to our members outlining the importance of having a post workout shake and why we decided to invest in a Juice Bar.  So this is a post that has gone out to our members and now shared publicly as well.  The reason is simple, I believe in it.  I believe it is that important to the progress of our members that I wanted it to be convientient, healthy, and of course tasting amazing!  The importance is often not as well known.  Many members have quite often wondered aloud and believe that NOT having a post workout shake is a better way to go; the thought process being “I just burnt all those calories, why add more now?”  Take a ride on the road trip analogy while I describe the value.

You need to fuel your car properly so that I performs safely and effectively for you, right? Why would your body be any premium fueldifferent?  It isn’t.  Your body requires fuel to perform as well.  Your body requires a fuel called glycogen to perform.  Glycogen is the fuel the body makes from glucose.  Glucose is a simple sugar that your body can make from fructose.  Fructose is the sugar we get from fruit.  The way we are SUPPOSED to get sugar.  What does all this mean?

It means we have you covered.  We have our shake bar that takes total care of your body’s fuel needs. We use fruit that is pure puree so that your body has access to a perfect sugar.  Now one might think sugar is bad, and an excessive amount is, but if we take a look at how the body works, we realize that we need sugar to fuel our bodies. As we discussed, the body utilizes sugar as fuel (glycogen).  Glycogen is stored in the muscles and in the liver of the body.  After strenuous activity, the body has been depleted of a lot of its glycogen stores, or its gas tank.  The gas tank in the muscles is now empty.  This is a perfect time to refuel the tank, while it is empty.  If we time our post workout shakes immediately after exercise, the fuel goes right back into the gas tank in the muscles and is not stored as fat.  Now we have refueled our tank and its ready to work again. 

An added bonus is that Coastal Fitness provided high quality protein in all our smoothies.  If fructose is our gas, then protein Cash Card4is our mechanic.  Think of protein as the tool your body needs to rebuild the damage done by exercising.  Minor damage occurs to your car after driving it hard, and our bodies are no different.  The magic is what happens AFTER exercise.  Our bodies recognize that there has been small microscopic damage to the muscles after they work hard.  The damage is repaired and the body actually makes the muscles stronger, so when the next bout of exercise comes, it is in a prime
position to perform.

So now we have a powerful two-part plan of attack to make our bodies strong and lean.  We are refilling our gas tanks with top quality fuel and providing out body’s “mechanic” with all the tools needed to rebuild our engines and make them ready to drive!





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