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Training and Rehab... the lines are blurry.


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The joint venture between Coastal Fitness and Propulsion continues to flourish. The multidisciplinary approach to therapy is not an overly new concept anymore.  Actually it is fairly common to see Chiropractors, RMT's and the like working in close proximity within a clinic.  So what is different about what is happening under the roof at Coastal.  What is different is almost nowhere does the communication happen between hands on therapist (Athletic therapist and RMT/Osteopath in our case, see below) and fitness coach or personal trainer.  I have written previously on what language we use (FMS) in order to stay on the same page and it can be read about here.  This familiar language is not only just a talking point of understanding it is also the framework in which we build programs or movement plans if you will.  We don't spend time disagreeing on broad philosophies on how one should progress or regress , this is laid out and mutually agreed upon within the Functional Movement System.  We communicate the objective.  A person's ability or in-ability to perform tasks/movements in the system and then decide the much narrower path of progress from the agreed upon set of movements based on our ability to coach them.  

To this point you may be wondering where the blurry lines are that I was referring to in the title... Well generally a person rehabs and then once they are pain free via treatment they train.  Simple right? Rehab on one side and training on the other, separate worlds.  Well, unfortunately not so.  Said model is basically how most clinics operate right now. Member sees the therapist, gets treated, does a bit of homework, maybe sees a different therapist in the same office, gets cleared to 'train' and then goes back to training.  The communication with trainers is fairly limited and what does come is a few contraindications and no real joined plan as to how to build that individual a more resilient body.  What the result is, is a clunky and slow situation often leaving the person in the middle to relay messages resulting in frustration and a less than ideal rate of progression. 

But what if I told you that not all therapy is manual hands on or some modality such as needles or ultrasound.  What if I told you that movement can be medicine/treatment? We look at movement therapy like 'hitting the save button' on some of the manual work that was done prior.   Now often, therapists treat and reset the system and can stop the pain cycle, and then send you home to 'hit the save button' on your own with what often seem like insignificant or gimmicky self guided exercises. What if you don't do them well or correct or at all.... I am speaking from personal experience and this ended up with me relying on the therapist to reset over and over.  While this was something that sort of worked when I was younger and didn't understand the value of time.  This is not the case with me now and nor is with the members that seek us out.  Under the roof here at Coastal the treatment happens (be it movement or hands on) and the homework happen all under one roof.  All of which is supervised and progressed appropriately.  No the fuzziness is that the movement therapy often looks very close to what 'normal' exercise can look like. (eg. half kneeling core drills, bear crawls, single leg deadlifts, pistol squats) All of these are used both for training and rehab/therapy.  The handoff happens seamlessly and as a result progress for the member happens faster. As a fitness/movement coach our role is to make sure that the homework is being done correctly, and not only do we supervise homework we can program in movements that are cleared for capacity or fitness work.  All the while checking to make sure we are not regressing desired movement quality outcomes. 
Here is a quick testimonial from a member we have helped through pain with some manual treatment and lots of movement.  
"I came to Coastal Fitness in Langley after a year of constant pain, shortly after I found out I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back. I had tried massage, chiro, IMS acupuncture, physio, naturopath, and was still working out prior, and nothing had worked. They took me back to basics and trained my body on proper movement. He consults with an athletic therapist (Darren @ Propulsion) to ensure every progression I make is appropriate for my condition, and each week he assesses my workouts and pushes me to continue to get stronger. With both Ryan and Darren's guidance, I can now go about my day virtually pain free. And I am only 23 with no real cause for my herniated discs in the first place! My health, sanity and quality of life are so thankful." 

- Melanie T

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