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Tomorrow Never comes

Tomorrow. What does this word mean to you? For some it means opportunity, many procrastinate until tomorrow,for others it has worry, yet there are those who think tomorrow is a fairy tale. I fall into the latter category.unite-tomorrow




I have heard that tomorrow could very well be the most destructive word in a person’s vocabulary. Now you’re probably thinking c’mon it’s a great word, full of mystery and possibility. Plus there are tons of great songs about tomorrow.



A major problem with people who are always thinking about starting something by using the word tomorrow iTomorrow_never_comess that tomorrow never comes. As author Robert Kiyosaki says “tomorrow only exists in the minds of dreamers and losers.” Now while I find his delivery harsh the message is still true. Today is all we have and if we are continually looking for a tomorrow, goals will go unfilled and regret will exist. Think of all the wasted time not reading, playing with the kids, investing or starting a nutritional/exercise plan. Stop thinking about doing it tomorrow, getting to it tomorrow, worrying about tomorrow; begin something today, improve something today, work hard today and your future will improve as a result of your ‘today’ actions.



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