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Tids & Bits: A review of things we like.

We are always asked about this product and that product,two-thumbs-up

Well what do you recommend?” So in an effort to save our ever increasingly valuable breath we have created this list.  So here is a little review of a few of the products that we use both personally and with our clients.

Keep in mind, we gain absolutely nothing from the promotion of any of these products, they just work; bottom line.


Lynx Grips – www.lynxpt.comLynx0037

These little ‘tacos’ as many have called them, are a gripping phenom.  I  especially like them for my female clients who do not always like the formation of calluses that may begin  from lifting when there is any amount of weight on the bar.  They fit perfectly around any sized bar and provide a nonslip surface to get those big weights up.  One of the many advantages they have over gloves is the ease of cleaning, a quick soap and water and done.  They will never wear out like gloves and they come in usually half the price of a good set of gloves.  Tons of colours, and no need for lifting chalk.



Bands –

You may have seen one us using these around the gym, thinking to yourself...”that’s’ ridiculous.”  Trust me I was sceptical at first, but what sold me was the fact that most folks when they start to train with us have a difficult time doing a full range of motion full body weight pullup/chinup.  Over time I have begun to detest the assisted chin machine and was actively searching for a better solution.  Enter the stretch band.  With varying tension bands I can now get women and men doing natural motion pulls and chins for the desired repetition range.  We reduce tension until we are at bodyweight.  I went through a few of the lighter handled tubing bands before I stepped up to these industrial strength versions.  Do yourself a favour and pick up a few.


The Travel Roller. - 

We have been touting the benefits of a using a foam roller for a number of years now, and it seems finally people are paying attention to our bizarre rolling around on the floor.  And for good reason we have been increasing people’s mobility for a fraction of the price than a manual therapist would cost.  Why we like this one so much is that it is firm and won’t break down and it can hold a lacrosse ball/tennis ball etc inside for use on those particularly tight spots. Now by no means does this replace a solid set of thumbs, but on a daily basis all desk jockeys can see significant improvements in thier posture and tissue health with regular use of one of these babies.  There are tons of resources online on how to use this and of course we would be more than happy to run you through a crash course in self inflicted pain!


These are just a few tools that are in the bag that we have had great success with.  Let us know if there are other products or services you would like us to review and we'll do our best to put them through thier paces. 


In Health,



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