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Setting Goals; Let's Get Smart

Well with the ‘off season’ among us in most major sports, now as strength coaches the real work can get done goalsand   there is no better time to talk about goal setting. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone wants to lose few pounds you need to set goals, period. It is how one goes about setting their goal(s) which is crucial for achieving them. I suggest people use the SMART acronym when setting their goal(s).






S – Specific

A goal should not be too general. For example: “I want to lose weight” or “I want to gain muscle”. Something more specific is: “I want to lose 4-6 pounds”

M – Measurable 

A goal needs to be measureable (objectively). Therefore the mirror is not the only gauge for monitor ing progressmeasure-body-measuring-tape you should be using. Of course the way we look in the mirror is how many people gauge their  fitness levels. Use  something like body  measurements as well. (hips, waist etc).

A – Attainable

This is related to your attitude, skills, and abilities to achieve your goal. Either you have the attitude, skills and abilities or you have to develop them to attain your goal.

R – Realistic

The goal needs to be realistic. Meaning the goal can’t be too farfetched. For example a 120lb, 30 year old man’s goal is be Mr. Olympia. The man’s goal is probably not going happen no matter how hard he tries. But making a goal too easy is not ideal because it will have less meaning once achieved.




T – Time  sensitive  

Time is the most valuable commodity. A goal needs to have deadlines; or the urgency to achieve a goal may decrease over an extended period of time. But too short of time period one cannot achieve their goal either. Setting smaller short-term, mid-term and long-term goals can help keep motivation high if you see progress occurring.missing-piece-ofthe_puzzle

Having trouble setting goals? Or do you have a big one but have no idea where to start? Get in touch with us a nd we can sit down over coffee and start to put the pieces together on some goals that are SMART!



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