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Navigating Minefields; Tricky but Doable

“When walking a minefield follow the bigger footprints that made it to the other side.” – Duncan Harrison


a-fork-in-the-road2Why is this applicable to fitness, health and nutrition?  The premise is simple; someone has made it to where you want to go.  So why not follow the path?  We set goals a month ago to ‘be more active’, ‘lose 10 lbs’, get stronger... etc. Well, a number of weeks have passed and personal willpower is waning and now you have a choice.  Justify your jumping off the bandwagon or find the successful path to the other side.

I reflect on my early twenties as a period of time where all of a sudden my parents became magically wise again.  As it turns out, I am not the only one to have experienced this phenomenon.  While I scrambled to glean as much info as I could from my newly discovered fount of knowledge, I quickly realized that there were many other areas of life that I was headed towards that others in my circle had traveled before and were successful.  Now, I understand general self help books and solution based information is abound in print, on the internet and via seminars.  While all are good and I frequently read and attend, what I have found most beneficial is to ask questions of someone who is already in my circle and knows me.  One of my favourite questions over coffee usually is “tell me something in 10 minutes that took you 10 years to learn.”  This usually gives me enough time to harvest one golden nugget from that person’s experience that I can apply and avoid a pitfall myself.  What I have found particularly interesting, is the fact that because the person you are speaking to knows you, they either subconsciously or consciously, (doesn’t matter to me) gear the knowledge bomb to something that is applicable to you.  So great!  Using this method I have in mere hours gained personal insight into things that would have taken me years to solve on my own or even read about from general sources.

At Coastal Fitness being experts in fitness and nutrition in Langley, is what we do; we find out who you are, what makes you tick, and what ‘minefield’ so to speak, you are walking in.  In short, we get in your circle. Whether it be nutritional pitfalls or exercise ruts, we have mapped them out successfully and provide the specific individiual footprints (answers) to follow.  Note that I said, we can provide the footprints, you still have to walk, we provide solutions, not effort. Time to start walking.



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