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Muggy Classrooms and Body Transformations

Muggy Classrooms and Body Transformations


One of my least favourite experiences in university was leaving a classroom in response to nature’s call, and returning to apersonal training langley room full of students and a disgustingly warm, muggy, and sometimes smelly room. What makes this scenario interesting though, is I rarely thought the room was warm and muggy prior to leaving it. I promise you, the room did not magically become a sweaty sauna in the minute I was gone, but before stepping outside of it, I was completely unaware of the room’s state or even the fact that I was contributing to the declining air quality in the room. Without getting into the biology of one’s body’s ability to adapt to its environment, this scenario testifies to how small changes in one’s life or environment often go unnoticed.

If you’ve ever been to a reunion or visited an old town, you may have experienced the same phenomenon in being shocked to see how much weight someone has put on, or potentially lost. The kid who had toothpicks for arms and failed to register a weight in the scale all of a sudden put on thirty pounds and looks unrecognizable. Again, the interesting thing is we are much less likely to notice how drastic that same type of change is in ourselves or those we see on a daily basis, because big changes occur through a series of small changes. After all, even though you look very much like you did yesterday, you likely don’t look that similar to how you looked a couple years ago.

change today 

Just as a room’s air quality can degrade with each passing minute, and appearances change with each passing day, these changes are often overlooked or missed since we are so immersed in them. Realizing this, make sure to regularly take a step back and evaluate what things you are doing or failing to do that may not change how you look tomorrow, but will likely have a noticeable impact a year from now. A donut this morning may not sabotage your fat loss goal by tomorrow, but making donuts a regular part of your diet will definitely do just that. Even if your goal is one that seems drastic and would make a terrific “before” and “after” case study, all of those changes are going to occur slowly, and will be difficult to see on a day to day basis. Therefore, make sure your time is spent wisely on things that may have a very small impact today but may contribute to a monumental impact a week, month, or year from now.

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