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It's called a plank, not 'walk the plank'.

There has been a slightly alarming trend in the fitness industry that I want to address head on.  It is the idea that a workout needs to be 'tortuous' to be effective.  In fact I feel that this word and its synonyms should be removed to describe fitness altogether.  Listen first off let me qualify this by saying that long term health and fitness requires hard work, dedication and sweat.  The 'easy button' is a fallacy and is not promoted at my facility.  That being said there is no place for words to describe fitness in a manner that is ridiculously arduous, involves hours upon hours of repetitive 'insanity' or anything of the sort.  Where this idea that health and fitness somehow has to go to the next level is troublesome and extremely dissuading for members of our population that need to become more active.  

Picture yourself being less active than you would like for around a year, perhaps you or your wife have had a child and priorities have temporarily shifted. You have late nights, fried nerves, erratic eating habits and overall just in a state of abnormality.  Things then settle down, and you decide to become a little more active again.  I can assure you the last thing you need is to shred every muscle fiber in your body rendering you unable to perform normal human movement for the next 5 days.  That is not fitness, that is crazy.  Listen, starting to be more active is a leap of faith for most, the other side can seem distant and unattainable at first, but here's the thing you can't make that entire distance up in one day, so please don't try.  Do try to move better and feel better after the first week.  For emphasis I am going to reiterate here that health and fitness requires hard work.  It takes work to plan meals, carve out workouts and get to bed on time.  I mean there are huge organizations whose sole 'MO' is to get you do buy their less than healthy products. These people are very good at what they do, marketing and advertising has been refined very well over the last number of decades and it almost seems like they know what we are thinking. (In lots of cases they do!)  So please don't think that that the road to better health and fitness is straight, paved, smooth and downhill.  

So at this point we have established that fitness is not easy, but at the same time it shouldn't be tortuous.  As a fitness walkingplankcoach here in Langley I want you to know that we call them planks, we don't want you to walk the plank. Sustainable progress month after month is a far better plan than one week from you know where. Nothing speaks more volumes to me is when members come back day after day saying they felt better when they left than when they came in.  This can be corroborated by them actually moving better and progressing on a plan that has been laid out specifically for them over the long term.  So where is the sweet spot between the ludicrous and the feeling of empowerment and possibility.  At our Langley gym we are more than personal training, Coastal Fitness is more than a room of equipment, we have evolved fitness training to operate in that sweet spot every day.  

So if you're are toiling away in a program that has no direction, is leaving you beyond sore, injured, and not progressing it might be time to step off the plank and go talk to the captain and ask where the ship is sailing.  If there is no captain, that may be a sign that you are drifting...  At Coastal we 'give the courage to start and the strength to succeed.' Our programs have just the right amount of scientifically applied toughness to them, combined with core, flexibility and power work and mixed with heart rate based classes, you can rest assured that we take end goal you have in mind and then give you the very next step to take, and the next, and the next and the next!  Results happen in that sweet spot.  Yes there is hard work, but you knew that when you decided to look for a place to train. So pick your end point and let us put the rest of the roadmap together, we know the better roads to travel and it is not on Anguish Ave through Torture Town.  Welcome to Coastal Fitness.








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