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Introducing our newest Coastal Coach, Danny Gordon!

Hey Coastal members. I know things are crazy busy for you all right now but I wanted to take a quick sec and let you know of a few cool items. First of which, we're growing! It's no secret that there are a bunch of new faces around the facility in all areas. With new awesome members, our burgeoning Coastal Coaching team, and of course the additional therapist with Coastal Therapy. I love seeing what this building has turned into. It's so much more than a training facility, it's a community. So let's give a warm welcome to Coastal's newest coach Danny Gordon. Danny is a practising Kinesiologist with a number of years in the industry.

A bit about Danny. He is a graduate of UFV's Human Kinetics/Kinesiology program. He has been coaching and working in the fitness industry for the last 5 years. He has a history as an athlete throughout his life participating in volleyball, soccer, hockey, road/mountain biking and squash teams at different points in life. He has done many exciting activities ranging from sports tournaments to adventure racing (run, mountain bike, and canoe), to 24 hour relays to triathlons. Squash is his main sport being played over the winter months and full of mountain and road biking during the summer. He also plays hockey when able. Weight lifting has been a huge contributor to maintaining a competitive level of fitness in these arenas as he continues striving to improve his abilities.

​Danny is a practising Kinesiologist through the BCAK. He is near completion on his Precision Nutrition Level 1, learning more about human behaviour in relation to food and habits. His interest in nutrition, strength training, and inspiring people of what they can achieve naturally guided him towards this industry and culture we have at Coastal. 

Danny is also a newlywed, married to a secondary school science teacher whose interest for physics and science rival Danny's love of fitness. He enjoys getting out in nature for walks, hikes, or just for the sake of being in nature regardless of the weather. Finally, he is a Detroit Red Wings hockey fan (give him a hard time about it), a Seahawks football fan by proximity, and a closet video gamer. So show some Coastal love and deliver him a sweet high five next time you're in the facility.

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