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HIT Sessions


Coastal Fitness Presents:

HIT (High Intensity Training)


Time to take your conditioning to a new level!

Outstanding workouts with no eccentric movements (the soreness producing ones)

We have prowler pushes, sled drags, battle ropes, tire flips, sledge hammers, long rope pulls... you get the picture.  

Outstanding equipment, put together with outstanding programming

and we will have your body moving faster, stronger, quicker and all while shedding fat faster than you can say ‘Prowler Flu’

Aside from our exclusive equipment and proven methodologies;

our sessions take place in the parking lot at Ellwood Park in Abbotsford (Just past the Judo Club)



 Spots still open!


Session times are !

Tues @ 5:30 pm

Take advantage of the introductory promo price of $99 for 6 sessions (20% discount).

Click here to reserve your spot!

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Disclaimer: Specific results may vary from person to person.