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Hard Work, Works! Pt 2

Hard Work Pays Off

One of the things I enjoy most in this world is looking down at the glorious creation of nature from a mountain peak. In British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, these views often include majestic forests, bright blue lake and rugged snow-capped peaks. However, if you were to ask me which of these views is my favourite, the ones that come to mind first are those with the hardest hiking trails to get to. I have stood on top of many mountains after driving to the summit, and often these views in themselves should be more memorable. However, to put it bluntly, these views seem cheapened, whereas those I love most are earned. Herein lies an important truth:

We appreciate most what we’ve worked the hardest for.


Just one of the many sights I have enjoyed hiking to the top of.


This is far from a secret. Ask any parent what happens when a child first reaches the age that they save up enough money to buy a toy for themselves for the first time. So often it is the case that whereas toys were previously neglected, abused, left out in the rain and forgotten, suddenly the toy that was purchased by the work of the child is treasured, protected, and guarded from all danger. We care most about relationships that we’ve invested the most into and we treasure accomplishments that have taken the most to achieve.

In Hard Work, Works! Pt 1 I discussed how the Olympics demonstrate that hard work works. However, they might even more vividly show how rewarding hard work can truly be. As grown men and women reach their dreams and win Olympic medals, the tears streaming down their face reflect how much they’ve struggled, sacrificed, practiced and devoted to arrive at their goal. It is the countless hours of work that make their goal achievement so indescribably wonderful.

What about you? What are the things you care about and want to achieve? Are you looking to lose a stubborn ten pounds, run a marathon, learn to Olympic lift? Whatever it is, know that if it is a good smart goal (see previous blog post  - Setting Goals; Let's Get Smart - regarding goal setting), it can be achieved through hard, diligent work. Knowing that it can be achieved is a huge part of the battle. Beyond this, anticipate the reality that the harder you work to achieve your goals, the more satisfying it will be when you reach them. So as you start your next steep climb, start smiling now in excitement for the view from the top.


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