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FMS Review and Reasoning

fms1The Coastal Fitness staff recently attended a conference/seminar in Seattle, Washington. Here is a little background as to why we chose to go and few of the benefits of what we learned in becoming FMS(Functional Movement Screen) Certified.

Coastal Fitness has always been team orientated. What that means is, even though a client has a trainer who is their point of contact, there are others who in the background are answering questions and brainstorming to find the most effective method for each person to succeed. We don’t have a cut-throat atmosphere where we pretend to have secret philosophies; everyone’s expertise is everyone else’s. It is through this train of thought that we as a team and ultimately our clients get better.

As the amount of people we continue to train grows we have been looking and compiling an effective way to assess our clients
Eric_Cresseybefore we start writing a program or train them. Having spoken personally with and continually learning directly from some of the best coaches in the industry such as Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, Mike Boyle, Charles Staley, Andrew Heming, Steve di Tomaso and more, it became clear as day, that our assessment protocol needed to be standardized. Insert the Functional Movement Screen or FMS for short.

Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness. (FMS Website 2011) What this screen does, is take away the uncertainty of when we should refer clients to others in our professional circle. We have a group of professionals that we trust at all levels, be it Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine, etc and our ability to train individuals effectively relies on these professions at some point or another.

Dr. Lee Burton, the instructor and co-creator of the FMS, is very effective in communicating the theory
Coastal_Fitness__Lee_Burton behind needing an effective standardized test. We have been using a variety of tests to assess our
clients up to this point but found it difficult to do in a larger group setting, such as teams. As well many other previously mentioned professions are also recognising the FMS as a simple method to screen clients which allows better communication between us. The simplicity and efficient manner that the FMS can be implemented allows us to quickly find out which clients need to be referred out and which can get started training right away.

We have also noted in the early stages, clients see their score (0-21) and are genuinely interested in their programs and how they can improve the score. Now keep in mind, the screen is not something we use as a sole gauge for progress. In the words of Dr. Burton, “it is very easy to ‘go down a rabbit hole’ in search of a better score. Client’s goals should always be the goal.” I know this sounds simplistic but true success comes from achieving what our clients initially come to see us for. I know that sounds crazy right.... but this isn’t always the case with everyone, at Coastal we are committed to this. The FMS is primarily used to find out if a client is ready to train or not, but if we can engage clients in their programs more effectively and the FMS score helps facilitate that; then generally results manifest themselves quicker. Once the results are known and we sit down to write the program, we use the info gathered (along with other assessment scores) to create the  clients individual program. In a team setting it allows us to know which members should be doing which parts of the team program within minutes, reducing overall injuries and keeping players playing!


At Coastal Fitness we are committed and passionate about continuing education. The health and fitness & strength & conditioning field is moving at a rapid pace, better more effective ways of doing things are constantly changing. We are dedicated to ‘putting’ more tools in out tool belt, but not just acquisition of tools but keeping them sharp. The FMS is one of these tools, and we look forward to the benefits it will provide us and most importantly our athletes and clients.


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