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Flat Tire; Humble Pie

Go check your car/truck's tire pressure. Well maybe not right this minute, you've got a sweet blog post to read first. Although we'll get to why that might be a good idea in the very near future. This is a health and fitness blog. But humour me as I walk through the story that led me to eat a huge piece of humble pie.

We have two vehicles in our family. A car and a truck. The other day my wife suggested to me that the front tire on the truck was looking a little low and could I have a look. She has mentioned this type of thing in the past and most of time it hasn't been anything too serious and often its nothing. The key here was my attitude. I dismissed it/her without really even looking, I mean I had a quick peek and thought it looked fine. End of conversation and end of investigation. Seriously, I know more about cars than she does.... don't question my innate male ability to know all things automobile!!!

A few days later In preparation to head out camping next week, my daugher and I were out in the garage and she was peppering me with a whole bunch of questions about how the truck works. So I was going over the basic mechanics of a internal combustion engine and for every answer I had, she had 3 more questions. Well the one came about the tires and how much air ect. ... I said we check with a tire pressure gauge to ensure its full enough. Well, it's not very difficult to imagine what happened next. Out came the gauge and we we investigated further, because there is no way my daughter was going to relent on just answering her with 'it looks good'. "You have the gauge dad, lets check!" Well this is where we almost made a quick trip to the automotive store to buy another gauge because much to my chagrin, there was less than 1/3 the recommended amount of pressure in that tire than necessary. "It can't be", I thought to myself, It passed my eye test. I know more than my wife about cars. how can this be...... ugh. Try another tire, it must be a faulty gauge. Turns out not only was that tire low, all four were low, and likely low enough that it was affecting gas mileage. Here's the challenge though. That truck had been getting us to and from work for the last number of months and likely year with no issues. And when I say issues, I mean nothing glaring that would be cause for further investigation. No lights, no beeps no nothing. Just got us to where we needed to be. Unbenounced to me I had a very under inflated set of tires and the vehicle was no where near optimal driving condition, but it got me where I needed to go. 

Here's where we turn the corner. (a little tire/car humour for yah) Are our bodies much different? Do we have checks in place to ensure that this type of under performance or mere survival if you will, isn't occurring in our own bodies? Are we getting by with less than optimal conditions? Do you even know? Let's roll with this analogy a bit more, (sorry it's just the dad jokes coming out now) What would be an easy thing to check and fix (like tire pressure) in our bodies? We're going to use drinking enough water for this little demo. What happens when the body doesn't get enough water? We've all heard the symptoms: headaches, groggy feeling, sluggishness, possibly dizziness and lightheadedness. Obviously nothing good. Let alone what's happening at a cellular level, we're not going down that rabbit hole as this is meant to be a lighthearted discussion not a science lab. Now what if we are chronically under hydrated, maybe not enough to cause all those symptoms super regularly but enough to notice every once in awhile and maybe not quite attribute it to the lack of hydration. I'll tell you what happens, you get used to it. You pop an advil and you start to think thats its just 'normal'. (Just a sec, I'm going to refill my water bottle before I continue with this line of thought.) Once this new normal sets in you've accepted a lower standard of living or performance. Ugh. The truth bomb. The exact moment after that bomb went off in my head is when I walked into my wife's office tail between my legs and apologised to her for being wrong and that I should have investigated the tire further and not dismissed her. (She heard the air compressor come on and there was no escaping the 'eating of the pie')

All this led me to ask you, what tires do have that are flat? Do you have someone checking, are you checking? If I had left the tires as they were, we very likely would have made it to our camping destination just fine, but what about next time, what about when the tires wear out prematurely because I was to stubborn to actually check? The proper inflation of the tires likely will help with gas mileage, they're make it safer to tow the trailer and prolong the life of the tires themselves. All by a simple check and fix. Where is your check and fix with your body, fitness and nutrition habits? Ask us, we'll find a few simple ones for you could have some real upside for your quality of life. Might even save having to eat humble pie served up by your loved one on a plate of I told you so...

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