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Changing the game; again!

Heart rate monitoring during exercise is nothing new to the fitness industry.  There have been watches allowing individuals to train within different zones around for well over a decade.  This personalization has improved peoples results, increased accountability and shown quantifiable results; all good things, yet only limited to Group Trainingindividual use.  At Coastal we know that our members like training in groups. Our semi private training environment and high energy metabolic classes are getting great results.   Our group programming follows the latest data on fat loss and works in an interval basis going back and forth between fixed work and rest intervals to get the heart rate to increase and decrease and repeatedly within the same session, (metabolic interval training) this has been proven to be the second best method (next to resistance training programs) in an effort help members lose body fat.  

There are inherent flaws with this methodology, and it lies with training the group.  We have to program for the group.  Fixed work and rest periods are chosen not on what is best for the individual but on what is best for a group of people, simply becuase we didnt have the ability to utilize the appropriate data to individualize the work/rest periods.  So we used an educated estimate based on science as to what is going to benefit the entire group.  We have been getting great results with this type of programming and but know that our customized programming works even better than our generalized. Knowing what we do about exercise and fat loss, and that heart rate is very individual we have now taken the next step. A big step.  Staying still is not an option we are always looking for ways to get members results faster, and now its here.  The fitness industry is not stagnant and at Coastal part of our Core Values are to 'always learn and improve'  This is going to change the game.  Thus we are introducing Individualized group programming.  Oxymoron you say!?  No, I say the perfect fat loss 'vortex' .  

polar wall image

Social accountability of a group, solid exercise programming and selection, scientifically proven fat loss methodologies, and now it gets better when we apply your heart rate to what you do in a class. With your heart rate projected on the wall in real time, you now work in the exact zones we know to torch off body fat and no longer do what is best for the group, but what is best for YOU! We now have to ability to track results in a group setting, email you your results and talk about strategies for getting better.  We can look at a monthly graph and see how your recovery times/work capacity have improved, and really quantify something that has been generalized and unmeasurable for too long.  Now being able to train in a group environment with precisely your needs/abilities, you can expect better/measuable results from your group workouts.   Order your monitor today and start tracking your progress and take your fitness to another level. Join with us as we continue to change how fitness is done!polar chest strap





Special Promo pricing on the monitor and chest strap is $79.  (10% off)

This is a one time investment that gets you access to all of Heart Rate monitored classes.  

There is no increase in your memberships costs whatsoever.  


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After training on my own with limited results, I started training with Ryan and finally started to see change! He is knowledgeable and passionate about training and is very good at modifying my workouts to reach athletic objectives both in the gym and beyond.


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