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A plan is the bridge to your goals

A Coastal Fitness team member recently submitted a new blog post on goal setting. (To be posted soon). This is a very important step for all of us who are looking to make changes with our body or even just to stay healthy over the long term. I got to thinking as I was reading it over, that there was something missing, not in the article itself but in the whole idea. Something that was integral to the success of reaching said goal. I thought to myself, what a great learning opportunity this was, a way that I can improve as a trainer. I realize that while both long and short term goal setting is vital for client’s success; the action steps to get there are actually ‘the plan’.


In our continued efforts as trainers to encourage clients to keep their goals in sight in order to keep motivation high, we realized that we were missing what I believe is a critical component in a person’s training journey: The Plan. plan_comes_together

“The Plan” is the bridge to your goals. Our job as trainers is to make the plan or bridge real so that your goals become real. If all you do is stand on this side of the bank and dream of the other side, your goals will forever be just goals.

Coming to the realization that there has been a shortfall in the way I approach my explanation of the training process has been slightly sobering, yet at the same time it is encouraging to know that with refinement comes better results.

The necessity to further explain what often is in my head or in the client’s program folder as far as how the plan is going to play out is something that needs to be improved upon. Through experience I am finding that it is not just goals that motivate people. While good and very necessary, I believe the ability for people to learn and understand the process of why they are doing certain things is very fulfilling and ultimately more motivating than stand alone goals.

I love being taught to fish, so to speak, and often am more appreciative of fishing_002the teacher than I am of the one who just hands me the fish. As teachers/coaches at Coastal Fitness, we aim for that same feeling; the satisfaction that we have taught our clients new skills and not just shuffled them through a workout.

Do you have a goal? Do you know how you’re getting there? Do you know why you are doing absolutely everything you do in the gym, if not maybe it’s time to ask a few questions.

Planning along with appropriate goal setting is something that we do well; contact us to help you refine the process to get you results faster.

Committed to your success,


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